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GnomyArt - Tattoo Artist in Los Ángeles

• SINCE 2003 •

Opening the pandora’s box.

I am Gnomy, an Tatto Artist in Los Ángeles, far from fashions and transgressor.

The central axis of my works are emotions, those that go through you when you see one of my works for the first time and that expand while you enjoy all the details that are in them.

In my works I use duality and the extremes of an idea and manifest their connection through abstraction and deconstruction, always leaving intact the essence, that which connects with the observer and energetically transmits a cascade of emotions…

That unique identity and style has won me more than 20 international awards, including the Best of Show in Paris in 2018 Mondiale du Tatouage.

If you are looking for something unique, welcome to GnomyArt.

Currently based in Los Angeles (CA)
In order to schedule an appointment here are a few things which help me provide my customers the best tattoo experience:
Once your appointment is scheduled I will work on your design and I will show it to you on the appointment date, when minor amendments could be done if needed.

Unfortunately, I do not re-design pieces, and I appreciate your trust in my experience making my customers happy, as well as in my professional career as a tattoo artist. However, if this made you somewhat uncomfortable, I would kindly ask you to re-think whether or not I am the artist you are seeking.